BEAR HUG has established and opened approximately 40 relaxation locations.
(We plan to open a total of about 100 locations by the end of 2016.)
Our group locations have reached about 60 when we include our other relaxation locations, such as dental clinics, osteopathic clinics, and internal medicine clinics.
The BEAR HUG Group operates its relaxation business as the top company in the Japanese relaxation market which is expected to become a huge market exceeding approximately 12 trillion yen.

BEAR HUG cultivates therapists with professional relaxation skills that serve to assist customers and that are appreciated, needed and attracted by customers.
We provide quite a unique educational curriculum, which we developed and certified according to ISO9001.

Services A course for acquiring necessary skills for sports training therapists, ordinary therapists (facial and body treatments with oil / foot therapy), and aestheticians (facial and body aesthetic treatments with oil), for just one month at earliest.

BEAR HUG started with relaxation business.
The relaxation department of BEAR HUG, which attracts massage connoisseurs and professional therapists, has provided customers with body care services of high quality.
We have developed our locations across the country mainly based in Tokyo and Nagoya.
Our aim is to deliver an unchanging spirit, “To deal with all people with affection,” to all of those feeling tired nationwide.

Services Body care, chiropractic services, foot care, VIP course services, on-site care services, a variety of menu items such as optional menus, etc.

Our aesthetic department was born from at the request of our customers.
All women and men have a desire to remain beautiful or handsome forever.
We offer our heartfelt therapies so that our customers can stay healthy and beautiful.

Services Aromatherapies, facial therapies, nail treatments, epilation, etc.

Our chiropractic department is committed to provide pain removal therapies.
We have devoted ourselves to provide reliable chiropractic therapies as a community-based chiropractic clinic.
We also provide therapies tailored to each customer’s body condition, offering treatments covered by insurance, self-pay treatments, and relaxation therapies. To offer care to our customers without missing the distress signals from their bodies so that they and feel better ? this is our goal.

Services Treatments paid for by health insurance: Electric therapy, hot compresses, cool compresses, manual therapies
Self-pay treatments: Accupuncture and moxibustion, and massage

From time to time as you use your body and increase in age, you may need some care and therapy.
Anybody can suffer from toothache or a gum disease, and such tooth related diseases cannot be overlooked.
Because of that, we believe that we should provide careful treatment for our patients.
The dental department was started as a company to be always a part of each individual patient’s life.

Services Aesthetic orthodontics, dental implants, consulting for introducing artificial teeth, teeth whitening, PMTC (cleaning), and ordinary dental treatments

Only physicians can give necessary treatments to patients suffering from diseases. Therefore, we chose to collaborate with physicians having a broad range of medical knowledge.
We try to explain to you about your body in your language, until you can fully understand your condition.
From medications for colds to preventative medical treatments, we protect the health of you and your loving ones.

Services Treatments paid for by health insurance: General internal medicine, respiratory medicine, allergy medicine, and smoking cessation outpatient treatment
Self-pay treatments: Health check, vaccinations, diet treatments, outpatient health care for men

In 2014, BEAR HUG launched our new care department.
We have in mind to assist those people who created peaceful and rich time for as after living through turbulent times. We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation so that they are satisfied with their peaceful life. In this department we have the desire to implement and integrate our management policy of “Caring for All People With Affection,” into this department.

Corporate name BEAR HUG Co., Ltd.
Corporate address Akasaka Central Bldg. 5F, 3-13-3 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Establishment Apr. 18, 1998, and in June the same year, BEAR HUG Inc.
Foundation Nov. 8, 2010, BEAR HUG Co., Ltd.
President Narita Tatsushi
No. of employees 400 (as of September of 2016)
Categories of business Operation and management of clinics of bodywork, aesthetic services, chiropractic therapies, and acupuncture and moxibustion treatments
Cultivation of relaxation therapists and aestheticians
Capital 70,000,000 yen
Annual sales 2.5 billion yen
Partners JREASTSPORTS Co., Ltd., AEON CO., LTD., Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., MITSUBISHI ESTATE Co., Ltd., Toshin Development Co., Ltd., TOKYU LAND CORPORATION
External executives Auditor, Noboru Kojima
Affiliated companies BEAR LOVE, OWL WORDS Co., Ltd., JUNREIKAI, TAMAYURA Co., Ltd.
Annual sales of the entire group 6.5 billion yen
No. of employees of the entire group 1,000 (as of July of 2019)

Business areas: Bodywork, foot care, aesthetic service, chiropractic therapy, acupuncture and moxibustion treatments, internal medicine, dentistry, care services, and school management

BEAR HUG will become a company that always provides the world with the latest relaxation services.

The BEAR HUG Group aims to become the best company in Japan as a total health company that provides relaxation business, aesthetic services, medications, hospitals, and care services and protects the body and heart for people in their 20s to their 70s.

We are also seriously trying to be a company that can consider both physical and mental needs of all staff members, in order to cultivate kind and affectionate staff members that can work for the world and people, and live right.

Foundation Stage
Apr. 1997 BEAR HUG Zenkai Clinic was founded and opened in Akasaka, Mintao-ku, Tokyo
Jun. 1997 BEAR HUG Inc. was founded with capital of 3,000,000 yen
Dec. 1997 Signed a contract with LE VAN Co., Ltd. and established a clinic in a sports club
Apr. 1997
Dec. 1997
No. of the shops/clinics increased to 4
Developing Stage
Apr. 2000 JASCAT was established and Tokyo Sports Training Academy (TSTA) was established A school to cultivate body setters, foot reflection massagers, and sports trainers was established based on coordination with Japan Baseball Promotion Association
Jul. 2000 A clinic accompanied with a school was established
Nov. 2000 Organizational change to BEAR HUG Co., Ltd. and the capital was increased to 10,000,000 yen
Apr. 2001 LE VAN Co., Ltd. merged with TIPNESS Limited
Dec. 2002 The Nagoya branch of TSTA was established
Apr. 2000
Dec. 2002
No. of the shops/clinics increased to 12 from 4
Transformation Stage I
Mar. 2003 24-hour operation started and schools and clinics were divided
Oct. 2003 Business alliance was concluded with JREASTSPORTS Co., Ltd. / The JR original brand (relaxation) was launched / A Petit Rich relaxation salon was established while being in charge of technical education and maintenance, financing, and training
Feb. 2004 Clinics and shops where a national certificate services (Judo therapists, acupuncture and moxibustion practitioners, and licensed masseurs) and civilian services (Body setters, chiropractic therapists, trainers, and foot masseurs) were started
Mar. 2004 TIPNESS withdrew from the business
Mar. 2003
Mr. 2004
No. of shops/clinics increased to 14 from 12
Transformation Stage II
Apr. 2004 Changed to an active corporate sales operation
Jul. 2005 Collaborated with JR Sports Club Jexer
Sep. 2005 FACIAL & BODYMAKE B. GARDENS was opened
Jul. 2006 Corporate name changed to BEAR HUG Co., Ltd. and the capital was increased to 70,000,000 yen
Oct. 2006 Certified as ISO9001
Feb. 2007 Facial exclusive care service was started
Apr. 2004
Aug. 2011
No. of shops/clinics was increased to 29 from 14
Transformation Stage III
Jan. 2008 New vision, “Wakuwaku,” was formulated
May. 2008 Yugawara and Yamanaka-ko in-service training institutes were opened
Jul. 2010 Planning to open shops/clinics in the Chubu region and the Kansai region was strengthened
May. 2011 Overseas vision was formulated
Oct. 2011 The “Shishi” project to open shops/clinics in the Chubu region and the Kansai region was implemented
Jan. 2008
Oct. 2011
No. of shops/clinics was increased to 58 from 29
Group Companies
  • Foot Clinic